Rocket French Premium - Is It Worth The Money?

This software is so revolutionary and it could be the answer to your french learning adventure.
There are thousands of software, courses and audio tutorials online as well as CDs. But I have come to realize with my 2 months of research that none of these solutions truly delivers but the Rocket French Course.

Whether you’re learning French because you have no other option or because you've always wanted to, Rocket French can help you begin your journey towards mastery. It’s simple, quick and well detailed to help even a total beginner to French language develop an enthusiasm for French.

Rocket Technologies have been helping millions of lives around the world to learn other important languages like the Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, Chinese, Japanese and off course French. Hence, all their languages package is called “Rocket Languages Series.”

What is Rocket French?

This Learn French Software specially designed to aid you in learning and mastering French. It’s a premium package that can be gotten via mail or you can download it directly to your PC or Mac and get it runned for usage. It has an interactive layout; meaning that you can learn and practice along and get corrections for every lesson you take.

In this Rocket French System, you would be opportuned to learn faster by hearing and listening to the native speakers whilst reading the transcriptions.

With Rocket French Software, you can easily master French in about 18 Days. I do not promise or guarantee an overnight results as a reviewer because I did not get instant results when I used it to learn French. Are you surprised, Yes, I have used it and today, I can speak French fluently and that took me approximately 21 days.

If you ask me, that’s a great lesson considering the fact that I don’t even hail from any French Country. I’m from South Africa. I didn’t even give my total concentration to this course right on my PC, if I did, I would have mastered it in 18 days according to specifications.

There are six different components to Rocket French. This helps to guide you on the path from a total beginner to an advanced level within few weeks.

What Will You Learn From Rocket French Premium?

As a unique learn French Software, the first thing you should look out for is to understand the culture of the French. There are 33 interactive tracks that will take you 20 minutes to finish. This interactive tracks helps in your quest to learn french language online by teaching you how to introduce yourself to ordering food and everything within the context with real life simulations.

Also, there are 31 grammars from Grammar Lessons that you can learn interactively through context conversations. If you like, you can easily disintegrate/break-down these conversations and combine them to form new ones. I also like the MegaVocab Software Game where you can ultimately learn 1000 special words in approximately 20 different topics. You can add new words to make your learning a bliss. Rocket French Premium affords you all these.

What About Intermediate Learning Levels?

In this level, you will be required to practice your listening and comprehension IQ with MegaAudio Software Game and proceed with the alteration of the Verb exams from MegaVerbs Software Game. This enables you to build a two-way conversation with a native speak without feeling any inferiority complex or hiding your face to bad French.

Rocket French Has Premium Customer Service

When I started with this software and course, I discovered that Rocket Languages Technologies has one thing that makes them unique and that this Rocket French Premium; learn French Software has Good Customer Support. They do have their lapses and are not 100% perfect as in everything, but if you check them out, I guarantee you will master French Language in 21 Days once you put your mind to it.
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