French Greetings For Beginners

To lean French greetings, the prospective language learner should use tutorials and reference guides to understand the many forms of greetings that exist in the French language. Each type of individual greeting can require an understanding of word gender, the subject being addressed, and the level of personalization the speaker has with the subject being greeted. Over time, the methods used to learn French greetings will succeed in educating the learner of the important points surrounding proper greeting.

Saying Hello In French

The most basic greeting the new language learner must master is the words and methods used to say “hello” upon an initial introduction. These can vary based on the time of day, the person being addressed, and whether the two parties have met before. In addition, special formalities may exist that must be remembered by the speaker. For instance, special concern must be paid to business and military situations when the learner begins to learn French greetings.

The next, natural progression for the learner seeking to master French greetings is the methods used by French speakers when they part ways. A variety of greetings exist for bidding the other party farewell that must also take into account gender, time, and situation. Only through repetition can the new French learner master these basic greetings.

French Proper Nouns And Individual Titles

When addressing a person with a proper noun, there are other important points that must be addressed over the course of learning the French language. The marital status of both men and women can alter the formal methods of greetings. In addition, military rank or specialty can alter how a person is to be addressed.

If a language learner is only seeking to use French in a utilitarian matter, for instance during a short trip overseas, basic greetings should be more than sufficient during their time in a French-speaking nation. “Bonjour” is a gender neutral and easy to remember way to greet a person upon introduction.“Au revoir” is also a safe bet for those parting ways. In business settings, careful attention should be paid to formality and proper noun usage during the greeting process in order to avoid any conflict or potential insult.

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