How Effective Is Rocket French?

Most people don’t believe that it is possible to learn French fast enough to be able to converse with native French speakers in as little as 2 months. I didn’t believe it at first, and neither did a friend of mine who found himself in the face of a company promotion that would completely jumpstart his career with only one catch: He needs to migrate to Paris, France.

The moving itself was not a big problem for my friend, being single and having his parents in another country, his only problem was that he doesn’t know how to speak French, and he only has a span of 3 months to say yes before they give the promotion to another one. He is deathly afraid of being stuck in a foreign country unable to interact with them through speech (his job entails him to talk to people, so this fear is really understandable).

His only option other than to refuse the job offer is to bend time and space itself so that he can learn a foreign language in a few weeks’ time. We tried to look for ways he can learn French but all of them take a lot of time. Even the private tutorial class that boasts of speed and efficiency could only promise him 5 to 7 months of daily sessions before he can be able to converse comfortably with native French speakers.

Fortunately, at that time I was also made aware of Rocket French, which is a set or series of French lessons I found on the net. It boasts of being able to teach people how to speak French within the span of 8 weeks or 2 months time. I was skeptical at first so I did some searching on the Internet and looked for reviews, praises or criticisms and was surprised to see that there are even people who managed to learn in less than 8 weeks. I figured Rocket French would be the right choice for my friend. Trusting my judgment, he downloaded Rocket French’s 6-day trial course and accepted the job promotion at the same day.

A few days later when I ran into him again, he already ordered the full course, claiming that the 6 day course proved to him on the first day how effective the program is. He demonstrated what he learned by talking to me in French. He was already able to converse depending topics he chose, which is a far cry from before, where all he knew was random French words and phrases. It took him another week to get a decent grasp of the accents, and by the time he boarded the plane, he was already confident enough that he didn’t bother buying one of those tourist pocketbooks with useful French phrases.

Of course, I already knew how effective Rocket French is, due to my own experiences with it. However, I chalked up the exceptional performance of the program to me having a lot of free time and really wanting to learn French. I was a bit surprised that it worked so well for my friend, who is generally a very busy person, and did not really want to learn French and was just forced into it by time and circumstances.

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